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The Generation Game

Understanding workplace generation gaps For organisations seeking to be market leaders, the ability to attract, develop, and retain talent has become a major factor in their capital investments, business strategies, and organisational growth. To be successful, one strategic management issue that organisations must address is the impact of increasing numbers and differences between generations in the […]

8 Reasons Companies Buy From You

There are eight (and only eight) reasons that companies buy things from other companies. You ability to sell B2B is directly dependent upon your ability to appeal to one or more (or all) of these reasons: 1. Revenue improvement. Every company is interested in the “top line” of how much money is flowing into a company through […]

Two Questions To Ask When Considering An RPO Change

The RPO market offers a range of service models. Companies that are ending their first RPO contracts are often surprised by the selection available to them. And some are realizing that they need a different RPO approach entirely. For example, instead of focusing on driving costs down, a company may need a partner who can […]