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The top 10 talent management trends for 2014

Too often in business we only look back – what happened last month, quarter or year? Progressive companies, though, look forward, predicting what will be and proactively planning for it. As we look forward, here are our views of the emerging trends that will impact HR over the next 12 months, and those already started […]

5 Sales Hiring Tips for Growing Companies

If your company has recently tried to recruit inside sales talent, then you’re probably already keenly aware that competition for all-star reps has never been fiercer. This is the result of a veritable explosion in inside sales hiring over recent years, motivated by data showing that inside (or remote) sales teams offer exponential returns compared with […]

Your Employer Brand Owns The Candidate Experience

  By now we’ve all seen the October 2013 Gallup report on employee engagement, The State of the American Workplace. Words that come to mind when I re-read the report:  bummer, disheartening, bad news.  But I also wonder: what exactly did we expect? Look around you, managers, and you’ll see disengaged employees with the Zombie […]

5 Things Millennials Need to Know About Winning at Work

  Each generation molds the business world into its own image.  The Mad Men era reflected the values and ideals of the World War 2 generation: regimentation and corporate hierarchy. Today’s environment reflects the values and ideals of the Boomer generation: mostly individualism that lapses into selfishness.  The Boomers started gaining power in the 1980s, […]

Striking the Balance Between Innovation and Experience

New technology is changing the way companies recruit and manage talent. To create better results for your business, you need to take a good look at your recruiting process and how it takes advantage of the best innovation available. If factors you can’t control are causing delays, or you’re not getting the most from your […]

Southwark Council selects Lumesse to power up their Mobile Career Site

London (UK), 29th April 2014 – The London Borough of Southwark chose Lumesse, a global leader in talent acquisition and talent management solutions, to enable their mobile enabled career site. Mobility has caused a fundamental shift in people’s habits, particularly when it comes to job seeking. In fact, LinkedIn found that more than 70 % […]

Why are we still having this argument?

For as long as I’ve been in the software business, (it’s kind of a long time…) there’s been a debate about all-in-one suites vs. best of breed solutions. As I was doing research for this blog it occurred to me that the debate has been around for a long time for a very simple reason: […]

Boost your Confidence

A big client meeting. An investor pitch. A keynote address. In any of these situations, an extra shot of confidence can go a long way. Turns out, it’s easier to get that little boost than you might think. In a video recently posted by Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, Deborah Gruenfeld, a professor of leadership […]

Transform Your Job Ads From Ho-Hum to Aha!

Great job ads stand out from the crowd. They engage applicants on an emotional level by answering their top questions and creating a clear and compelling picture of what’s on offer. In this article, I’ll show you a quick way to assess ads and give you two tips you can start using today. Take This […]