Applicant Tracking Systems

Infrastructure –  There is no need to own an ATS, many systems are available in the “Cloud” with connectivity from any internet or mobile connection and companies can scale the system & cost to suit their needs on a “pay as you go” model.

Company Career Portal – The ATS should be the de-facto company career portal and integrate in look and feel with the company website. There should be automated plug-ins to the company social media sites and other job boards.

Work Flow – Implementation of an ATS is the ideal opportunity for a company to define its own unique recruitment process and the ATS workflow should be customisable to accommodate and track these processes.   Good ATS systems allow for generation and multi-level approval of job offers as well as the electronic distribution of pre on-boarding documentation.

Talent Pools & Reporting & Auditing

The ATS is key to successfully  building a talent pool and should provide functionality to categorise the skill sets, keep notes and set flags for future follow up.   In terms of labour legislation companies’ risk claims of unfair labour practise and as much as an ATS assists with compliance, it needs to be fully auditable in order to retain its integrity.

Security & Confidentiallity

System users reflect the hierarchy, diversity and functions of the company and as such there are many permutations as to what users need to do/ see in the system.  Security & confidentiality are important considerations and these settings should be manageable on an individual & group basis.


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