Fast Track New Hire Productivity

Lumesse Accelerator  An effective onboarding process should be a lot more than ticking a few boxes, filling out paperwork and leaving your new hire to “figure it out”. To ensure that your new hire is productive, engaged and able to perform, there are a few essential ingredients: Integration – Welcome new hires to the team […]

Two Questions To Ask When Considering An RPO Change

The RPO market offers a range of service models. Companies that are ending their first RPO contracts are often surprised by the selection available to them. And some are realizing that they need a different RPO approach entirely. For example, instead of focusing on driving costs down, a company may need a partner who can […]

Creating the Business Case for RPO

Note – This document is a MUST download for all organisations with recruitment challenges.  Creating a Business Case for RPO While economic uncertainty can stifle progressive strategic initiatives, the current climate is an ideal time to approach your organization’s decision-makers about the benefits of partnering with an external recruitment provider. The business case for recruitment […]

5 Reasons to update your ATS

Human Resource professionals that are familiar with talent acquisition software are fully aware of the benefits and necessities that this tool can provide for their organization. When the functionality of the software is not at its peak, both recruitment goals and overall business initiatives are negatively affected. Despite the potential advancements organizations can receive from […]

Planning Prospecting & Staying in Touch

Sales people will recall the “boss” having said, “Sales don’t happen in the office!  Get your butt out there and see some customers”. Well it’s one thing seeing customers and quite another seeing potential business partners. Planning Prospecting & Staying in Touch

Leadership – Blended Learning

Leadership – Blended Learning   Blended learning is about individual self study in a time & place of your own choosing, utilising, video, audio & paper based tools.  Group work is facilitated after the individual learning, such that the group comes to a common understanding and implements the concepts within the organisation.      

Sales Training Content

Sales Training Content – Download Sales is one of the toughest jobs out there and relative to other professionals, sales people get very little formal training.  Who at school took a sales class or was told in Career guidance that they would make a great sales person? Sales is as much science as it is […]

Interview Training

A consistent approach to interviewing will prove invaluable in terms of improving the quality of hiring decisions. The Planet10 Interview training is structured around the following four basic principles. The Mandate & Ground Rules for interviewing. Interviewing for Technical Competence. Personality Traits & Cultural Fit. Documenting & Finalising the interview. In collaboration with each client, […]

Online Leadership Training

Online Leadership Programmes Download full details of content covered in the eight leadership modules.  The course is done online or through blended learning.