5 Things Millennials Need to Know About Winning at Work

  Each generation molds the business world into its own image.  The Mad Men era reflected the values and ideals of the World War 2 generation: regimentation and corporate hierarchy. Today’s environment reflects the values and ideals of the Boomer generation: mostly individualism that lapses into selfishness.  The Boomers started gaining power in the 1980s, […]

7 Things to look out for in your first job

careers24.com | Nov 13th 2013 If you’ve just received your university degree, you’re probably looking out for jobs and trying to figure out where you belong in the working world, right? Well, before you accept any job offer, take a look at these pointers on what to look for in your first job. It might be difficult […]

Interview techniques and tips for graduates

Interviews for graduate jobs come in a variety of formats: competence interviews, telephone interviews, panel interviews, technical interviews and now, strengths interviews. If you’re going face-to-face (or on the phone) with graduate recruiters then knowing what to expect and how to prepare will give you a head start and keep your interview nerves at bay. […]

Cool is Relative

Finally after half a century of sigmoid curves & quantum leaps that has seen the world cycle & evolve through continuous improvement, flower power,  an end to the space race,  acceptance of gay rights, child rights, animal rights and the Johari Window.  Finally we have produced the ideal generation – They are educated and in […]