Great Performance Starts with Great Expectations

Much has been written about the Pygmalion Effect (most notably a study by Robert Rosenthal and Lenore Jacobson), or the notion of self-fulfilling prophecy, from the viewpoint of parenting and teaching, but the same can be said for businesses. Do you scold, criticize, and demean your employees, or do you positively and constructively encourage them? […]

Leadership – Blended Learning

Leadership – Blended Learning   Blended learning is about individual self study in a time & place of your own choosing, utilising, video, audio & paper based tools.  Group work is facilitated after the individual learning, such that the group comes to a common understanding and implements the concepts within the organisation.      

Online Leadership Training

Online Leadership Programmes Download full details of content covered in the eight leadership modules.  The course is done online or through blended learning.        


“How many seeds are there in an apple?” vs  “How many apples are there in a seed?” People represent the single biggest competitive advantage an organisation has over its competitors.  The key to unleashing this awesome potential within an organisation lies in the continual development of its leaders. There is no such thing as organisational […]