How to Hire a Top Candidate

                Know exactly whom you’re looking for. Constantly seek viable candidates. Look for character, not experience. Resilience is the mark of potential greatness. Seek out the self-motivated. Attitude is all-important. Don’t settle for canned references.        

5 Sales Hiring Tips for Growing Companies

If your company has recently tried to recruit inside sales talent, then you’re probably already keenly aware that competition for all-star reps has never been fiercer. This is the result of a veritable explosion in inside sales hiring over recent years, motivated by data showing that inside (or remote) sales teams offer exponential returns compared with […]

Communication Strategy: Understand Job Seekers

I read something recently that surprised me: 29% of active job seekers in a recent survey use Google+ to find a job.  My first assumption was that active job seekers will do anything to find a job.  But, I was shocked to read that an even higher percentage of random respondents said they use Google+ […]

Are Performance Appraisals Doomed?

    During the last year there has been a tsunami of interest among HR managers to revamp, redesign, or eliminate the performance appraisal process. And for good reason: our research shows that more than 70% of all organizations dislike the process they have and I have yet to talk with an employee or manager […]

5 things to do before choosing an RPO provider

RPO or Recruitment Process Outsourcing is an amazing solution to the exhausting and often, unyielding human resource management. Many companies struggle acquiring human resource before they outsource the recruitment process to RPO services provider. It is a brilliant solution but sometimes it doesn’t work as well as expected. There are many reasons for it, sometimes […]

Recruitment strategy: A call to action

  Most organisations, in our experience, tend to wield a few selected recruitment objectives. They know they want to reduce spend, reduce time to hire, access new recruitment technologies and so on, and these goals may even be mentioned within the overall HR or business strategy. But there is more often than not a total absence […]

Interview Training

A consistent approach to interviewing will prove invaluable in terms of improving the quality of hiring decisions. The Planet10 Interview training is structured around the following four basic principles. The Mandate & Ground Rules for interviewing. Interviewing for Technical Competence. Personality Traits & Cultural Fit. Documenting & Finalising the interview. In collaboration with each client, […]

Recruitment Consulting

Anyone who has been involved in recruitment can testify to the chaos that exists in trying to keep tabs on the process and the candidates.   If you receive job applications in your email, you know how tedious it is to download & open each attached resume, never mind processing the information and maintaining notes. Spread […]