5 Clever things to do after your internship ends

If you are a young, career-minded hopeful just completing your internship, don’t close the door on this experience just yet. There are at least five clever things to do after your internship ends. Say thank you This cannot be stressed enough. Say thank you to the company by sending a well-written letter, but also do […]

5 Sales Hiring Tips for Growing Companies

If your company has recently tried to recruit inside sales talent, then you’re probably already keenly aware that competition for all-star reps has never been fiercer. This is the result of a veritable explosion in inside sales hiring over recent years, motivated by data showing that inside (or remote) sales teams offer exponential returns compared with […]

Boost your Confidence

A big client meeting. An investor pitch. A keynote address. In any of these situations, an extra shot of confidence can go a long way. Turns out, it’s easier to get that little boost than you might think. In a video recently posted by Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, Deborah Gruenfeld, a professor of leadership […]

10 Ways to Keep Your Sales Team Happy

10 Ways to Keep Your Sales Team Happy How to make sure your most important employees can do the best job possible. If selling your products or services requires a salesperson, your sales team is your most valuable resource.  Here’s how to make sure that they’re both happy and productive: 1. Keep them in the loop. […]

8 Reasons Companies Buy From You

There are eight (and only eight) reasons that companies buy things from other companies. You ability to sell B2B is directly dependent upon your ability to appeal to one or more (or all) of these reasons: 1. Revenue improvement. Every company is interested in the “top line” of how much money is flowing into a company through […]

How to Write a Sales E-mail | Inc.com

  Here’s the structure for a sales e-mail that’s more likely to get a response: Subject: [something relevant to the prospect] Dear [Mr.|Ms. prospect’s last name]: I’m contacting you because I may be able to [potential benefit to the prospect.] Companies like yours ([list]) hire us to do [something quantifiable that leads to that potential […]

10 Characteristics of Successful Sales People

 They are persistent. Successful sales people are avid goal setters. Great sales people ask quality questions. Successful sales people listen. Successful sales people are passionate. Successful sales people are enthusiastic. Successful sales people take responsibility for their results. Successful sales people work hard. Successful sales people keep in touch with their clients. Successful sales people […]

Planning Prospecting & Staying in Touch

Sales people will recall the “boss” having said, “Sales don’t happen in the office!  Get your butt out there and see some customers”. Well it’s one thing seeing customers and quite another seeing potential business partners. Planning Prospecting & Staying in Touch