Leadership – Blended Learning

Leadership – Blended Learning   Blended learning is about individual self study in a time & place of your own choosing, utilising, video, audio & paper based tools.  Group work is facilitated after the individual learning, such that the group comes to a common understanding and implements the concepts within the organisation.      

Sales Training Content

Sales Training Content – Download Sales is one of the toughest jobs out there and relative to other professionals, sales people get very little formal training.  Who at school took a sales class or was told in Career guidance that they would make a great sales person? Sales is as much science as it is […]

Interview Training

A consistent approach to interviewing will prove invaluable in terms of improving the quality of hiring decisions. The Planet10 Interview training is structured around the following four basic principles. The Mandate & Ground Rules for interviewing. Interviewing for Technical Competence. Personality Traits & Cultural Fit. Documenting & Finalising the interview. In collaboration with each client, […]

Online Leadership Training

Online Leadership Programmes Download full details of content covered in the eight leadership modules.  The course is done online or through blended learning.