Communication Strategy: Understand Job Seekers

I read something recently that surprised me: 29% of active job seekers in a recent survey use Google+ to find a job.  My first assumption was that active job seekers will do anything to find a job.  But, I was shocked to read that an even higher percentage of random respondents said they use Google+ in their job search.

The survey by the Job Board Doctor, Jeff Dickey Chasins, clearly points out that active and passive job seekers behave very differently online.  It found that active job seekers used job search tools at much higher rates than random respondents.  In some cases twice the usage rate.

Sources used by active job seekers:

  • 74% career sites
  • 70% job boards
  • 67% professional networks
  • 65% social media

When asked about social media, 91% of active job seekers used LinkedIn to search for jobs.  Surprisingly, the survey’s random respondents identified Facebook as the top source for finding a job.

How do we use this data for recruitment success? The answer is simple. Recruiters must create messages that resonate with the right people at the right time.

To be most effective, recruiters need to understand the ideal job seeker’s mindset and create messages that appeal to the unconscious mind.


By Tim O’Shea, Solutions Consultant for Lumesse.

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