Competency Assessments

Selection assessments encompass the tools and technology to enable organizations to evaluate whether or not a candidate has the right attributes, behaviours and interests to perform a job in a unique culture. Best practice companies are utilizing assessment tools at every level in their organizations, from front line to senior executive. In fact, 77 percent of organizations across all industries now include some form of selection assessment in their overall talent acquisition strategy.

Competencies are the knowledge, understanding, practical and thinking skills needed to perform effectively to the standards required in employment. They are identified and demonstrated through sets of behaviors that encompass the skills, knowledge, abilities and personal attributes that are critical to successful role accomplishment.

Since, competencies can be assessed and analyzed; it gives a fairly objective evaluation of an employee’s performance. The best part about the competencies is that they can be learnt unlike personality traits which are characteristic to an individual. If the organization identifies criteria critical to its success in the form of core competencies, they can be cascaded down to the whole organization.

Hundreds of assessments abound, but those that are of greatest value provide validated, highly predictive information which can help organizations make more informed selection decisions, develop and manage people, and establish effective succession planning programs.

Importantly competency based assessments go a step further to understand the individual and organizational fit to make correct hiring decisions, the starting point of the employee’s life-cycle in the organization.