Fast Track New Hire Productivity


Lumesse Accelerator 

An effective onboarding process should be a lot more than ticking a few boxes, filling out paperwork and leaving your new hire to “figure it out”. To ensure that your new hire is productive, engaged and able to perform, there are a few essential ingredients:

  • Integration – Welcome new hires to the team and immerse them in the company culture
  • Relevant Learning – Prepare and enable new hires to meet the first performance milestone
  • Administration – Complete required forms and supply the tools they need (computer, phone, badges) to perform their job before they arrive

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Lumesse Accelerator is the combined power of Social, Onboarding and Learning. With its talent centric design, it is intuitive and easy to use, letting employees spend more time getting settled in their new job and less time learning new systems.

Embed, connect and socialise.

Mobile optimised, self-service portal for new hires.

  • Socialise and engage new hires through rich media content: company history, key messages, values, believes and culture
  • Amplify employee social profile with photos, work history and more
  • Share, like and comment on updates through a unified activity stream
  • Search and connect with other employees through an employee corporate directory
  • Receive alerts for onboarding and learning tasks you need to complete

Streamline administration and get new hires ready for work.

  • Initiate onboarding as soon as an offer is accepted
  • Notify security, IT and Office Management to prepare equipment and tools for new hires
  • Define/select onboarding team and set roles and responsibilities
  • Workflow engine for automated routing and handling of pre-employment tasks
  • Integrated with third party background check providers
  • Share content with employees so they can review, fill out and submit

Prepare new hires and close knowledge gaps.

  • Set relevant learning as part of the onboarding process
  • Search course catalogue, take courses, rate and like them upon completion
  • See fellow employees who liked the same courses
  • Recieve alerts with assigned learning and/ or when certificates are due to expire
  • View completed learning and generate certificates
  • Request manager approval for learning

*Lumesse Accelerator is available to customers who already use TalentLink. It requires the activation of TalentLink Recruit in parallel.

Lumesse TalentLink Recruit 

Lumesse TalentLink is the feature-rich SaaS platform of choice for organisations of all sizes. It’s easy to implement, integrating seamlessly with your existing systems and adheres to stringent data privacy legislation. With easy to configure Apps (application modules) you can create personalised workspaces that fit around the way you work. Lumesse TalentLink is multilingual and supports all types of talent acquisition within different business models.

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