Fully Branded Facebook Career Pages



Many of our clients have expressed how important it is for their branding to show consistent design and messaging on all of their social platforms. We couldn’t agree more!

To help build your brand presence, we’ve added some great new features that give you complete control over customizing your Facebook Career Page.

When you upgrade to a Premium subscription, you will unlock these additional features:

  • Brandable color scheme
  • Custom banner placement
  • Embeddable YouTube videos
  • Welcome messaging

Brandable color scheme
Customize your Facebook Career Page’s colors to match your company’s brand.


Custom banner placement & embeddable YouTube

  • Add a banner to your Facebook Career Page to build your employer brand with consistent design.
  • Showcase your company culture with a YouTube video embedded directly within your Facebook Career Page.


Rich text editor
Create personalized welcome messages.


Your own branded Facebook Career Page
Once you’ve finished styling your career page, here’s an example of the finished product.



We’re really excited about the new design customization options and we hope you enjoy using Jobcast Premium!


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