Go Mobile


Lumesse Mobile 

Go mobile, work together, recruit faster 

With smartphones fast becoming essential tools, business solutions need to be available beyond the browser. Lumesse Mobile is a multi-lingual, device-independent mobile application (available for AndroidApple iOS and BlackBerry devices) that supports an engaging way of working and collaboration. Lumesse Mobile brings mobility and instant access to relevant information about colleagues, candidates, jobs, interviews and hiring processes.

Lumesse Mobile gives users instant access to all relevant information on a smartphone or tablet, directly connected to Lumesse TalentLink. Lumesse Mobile brings a personalised recruitment experience to all types of users, with a focus on engagement, efficiency and go-anywhere collaboration. Lumesse Mobile supports faster decision making, reduces process bottlenecks, provides instant insight to information regardless of time and location, and encourages greater collaboration among people.

  • Start quickly: Download the app from the store, sign in with your credentials and you’re ready to go.
  • Collaborate for success: Lumesse Mobile brings all stakeholders together, regardless of location and time.
  • Reduce complexity: Lumesse Mobile provides a single app for all type of users, with the functionality available based on user role-specific credentials in Lumesse TalentLink.
  • Eliminate bottlenecks: Reduce recruitment process bottlenecks and improve operational efficiency by accessing relevant information anywhere, anytime.
  • Be secure: Lumesse Mobile connects seamlessly and efficiently with Lumesse TalentLink, through a robust security protocol optimised for mobile data.
  • Connect with the world: Post vacancies and updates across social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • Engage with colleagues: Get insights on new joiners, review hiring progress, authorise positions, and maintain and share your personal profile with colleagues.

Lumesse TalentLink 

Lumesse TalentLink is the feature-rich SaaS platform of choice for organisations of all sizes. It’s easy to implement, integrating seamlessly with your existing systems and adheres to stringent data privacy legislation. With easy to configure Apps (application modules) you can create personalised workspaces that fit around the way you work. Lumesse TalentLink is multilingual and supports all types of talent acquisition within different business models.