Lumesse announces TalentLink 13.2 to streamline the recruiting process and improve time to hire


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London, 31 October 2013 – At HR Tech Europe 2013 , Lumesse , a global leader in integrated talent management solutions, announced TalentLink 13.2, a new release of its SaaS talent acquisition and talent management platform.


This release includes improved contract and document management features to simplify the lives of hire managers and meet best practice requirements. Additionally, the release sees the launch of a new, intuitive app within TalentLink, ‘My Recruitment’, which allows hiring managers to review and compare up to four candidate applications for quick decision making.


Together, these features help streamline the recruiting process while empowering hiring managers to participate easily and effectively in the new hire decision making. TalentLink 13.2 also introduces enhancements to the iOS mobile app for recruiters who can now review candidate profiles in more detail on the go from their tablet or iPhone.


Neal Bruce, Director of Product Strategy at Lumesse, says: “McKinsey estimated in a recent report that there could be an 18 million person shortage in the supply of high skilled, university-educated workers by 2020. With the race for talent intensifying, recruiters and HR managers need solutions that will help save time and target the right type of candidate. TalentLink 13.2 has been developed in close collaboration with Lumesse’s customer base to meet these needs.


TalentLink 13.2 has been designed with customer centricity in mind, to deliver on 33 customer feature requests. Recruiters can now meet best practice requirements, make more informed and faster decisions, and improve efficiency and productivity. There is also enhanced integration with third party assessment and background check providers, providing additional value during the recruitment process.


Meeting best practice requirements


TalentLink 13.2 enables recruiters to meet best practice and compliance requirements by allowing them to:


  • Control date gaps on applications, allowing recruiters to specify the maximum date gap that will be accepted during the application process.
  • Make required documents mandatory during the application process (i.e. visa, work samples, etc.).


Make informed, faster decisions


The ‘My Recruitment’ app in TalentLink enables hiring managers to make faster decisions and speed up time to hire. Additionally, the mobile iOS app now includes iPhone 5 support along with iPad and earlier versions of the iPhone, and allows customers to:


  • Review all their applicant records including all application documents such as CVs, cover letters, work samples on the go.
  • Access applicants’ documents and attachments in variety of formats such as .doc, .docx, .pdf, .jpg.


Improve efficiency and productivity


To eliminate the need for frustrating delays in managing contractual documentation, TalentLink 13.2 enables recruiters to:


  • Create contract templates quickly and simply, without the need to download and use Visual Basic Scripts.
  • Automatically save contract documents to an individual candidate record, and make candidate attachments mandatory, adding user-friendly explanations of each one.


About TalentLink


Lumesse TalentLink improves recruitment efficiency for customers of all types and sizes so they can get to top talent first. Available in over 30 languages and based on state of the art Web 2.0 technology, delivered as SaaS, Lumesse TalentLink is innovative and intuitive, supporting complex global graduate recruitment campaigns as easily as crucial executive appointments.


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Lumesse is the only global company making talent management solutions work locally. Lumesse helps customers around the world to implement successful local talent management initiatives that identify, nurture and develop the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Lumesse works with more than 2300 customers in over 70 countries to unlock and inspire that human potential in their businesses. The company’s integrated talent management solutions are comprehensive, intuitive, secure and fully internationalised into over 50 languages.

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