Lumesse Webinar – 13 November 2014

21st Century Leadership, Is Your Organisation Ready

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As you may remember from our blog post last month, the Lumesse Talent Akademie is offering a series of monthly webinars – covering all aspects of talent management – to industry professionals and other interested parties. . Our third webinar in cooperation with Deloitte will be held on 13th November 2014 and is titled “Leaders at all levels – Close the gap between hype and readiness”.

The key findings that will be delivered in this webinar are:

Leadership remains the no. 1 talent issue

  • For companies around the world, a shortage of leaders is one of the biggest impediments to growth. This challenge is particularly acute today as the global recovery strengthens, companies seek to rapidly grow their businesses in new markets, and older leaders begin to retire at accelerating rates.

Leadership needs today are far broader & deeper

  • Companies face leadership gaps at every level of the organisation. These gaps can only be filled through a sustained and systemic commitment to leadership development that builds new leadership pipelines at every level of the company.

Succession programmes

  • 51 percent of organisations have little confidence in their ability to maintain clear, consistent succession programmes.

Not only are modern-day companies not developing enough leaders, but they are also not equipping the leaders they are recruiting with the essential skills and abilities that they require in order to succeed. Today’s market environment places a premium on speed, flexibility, and the ability to lead in uncertain situations. At the same time, the flattening of organisations has created a huge increase in demand for leadership skills at every level.

If you require more information surrounding the event, you can contact Julie Shekyls-Young or alternatively you can book your seat in the webinar here.

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