Recruitment Consulting

Anyone who has been involved in recruitment can testify to the chaos that exists in trying to keep tabs on the process and the candidates.   If you receive job applications in your email, you know how tedious it is to download & open each attached resume, never mind processing the information and maintaining notes. Spread sheets can help you structure data, but are also not ideal for resume tracking.  Eventually everyone works out a system even if that system is sometimes just a “delete” button.

Traditionally recruitment is spectacularly inefficient and has always frustrated CEO, Line & HR. Whether working with “Knowledge Workers’” or in a “Blue Collar” industry, there is no doubt that there are recruitment pains in most businesses.   More importantly the future could provide some real challenges, an example of this is a well- known cement company that recognised the impact AIDS would have on its drivers and then put a strategy in place to counter this.

If we accept the view that “People are the business” and all the other adages about good people making great organisations, then the natural question is – “How do we consistently get more good people faster at a lower cost?”

Through the use of tools and the alignment of business processes it should be possible to deliver Scalability, Visibility and Objectivity whether dealing with 20 or 2000 applicants.   There are huge manpower savings to be made by implementing templates and “self-service” area’s.  It is possible to fully process applications from “Applied” to “Offered” within a few days.

In the war for talent a well-executed recruitment strategy is a game changer and should be measured as a service to the business against the same parameters as any other service.