Competency Assessments

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Human resource challenges cost your company time, money, resources, lost opportunities and reduced productivity, to name a few.

Assessments provide critical information to enable you to understand why your people think and behave as they do, on the job.  This understanding of roles and staff within your organisation leads to better allocation of human capital and maximises the effectiveness of every employee by ensuring you have the right staff in the right role every time.

Careful candidate pre-screening can drastically decrease the number of inappropriate individuals that end up on the payroll. Background checks often weed out the worst of these applicants, enabling companies to avoid many of the worst hiring mistakes, however, often sneaking by even the most astute hiring managers are applicants that lack the skills necessary to complete the tasks associated with their job titles.


Benefits of Effective Employee Pre-Screening

  • Reduce hiring mistakes.
  • Accelerate the hiring process.
  • Improve hiring precision.

Why Assessments?

  • Make better hiring decisions.
  • Reduce employee turnover.
  • Accelerate onboarding.
  • Target developmental needs.
  • Align talent with business needs.
  • Improve communication between managers and workers.
  • Reduce workplace conflict.
  • Reduce theft and absenteeism.
  • Improve sales performance.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.