Digital Interviews & Assessments


HireVue’s Digital Interview Platform™ removes unnecessary time, travel and hassle – making interviewing modern and amazing for everyone.  It’s up to 10X faster, 9X cheaper, and 100% better than outdated ways, with the added benefit of reducing regulatory risk.

Step out of the dark ages! Create online interview guides with scientifically proven questions, capture structured interview feedback in real-time, watch interviews on demand, share and compare responses amongst hiring teams, and build digital talent pools.

HireVue CodeVue(TM) enables candidates to more conveniently and expressively showcase their coding abilities through a series of challenges during the digital interviewing process. Recruiters and hiring managers can review candidates’ validated coding results (including scores, score details, and raw and executed code) as well as video responses to behavioral-based interview questions.

The online interview responses, code samples and scores can be shared with other members of the hiring team for rapid collaboration, feedback and data-driven decisions. Candidates are afforded a better opportunity to be heard by showcasing their coding skills as well as how they solve problems and the pace at which they can process and complete work – all through HireVue’s social and video-enabled capabilities, and all on their own time.





Why HireVue & CodeVue makes Sense



Stop scheduling! Simply email a link with standardized questions to candidates and empower them to record responses via webcam – whenever, wherever.  Then watch, rate and share the candidates you want, on your own time.  You can even watch them from your smart phone.  It’s just like clicking “play” to stream your favorite movie. No more bad interviews!


Modernize and improve interviews of ALL TYPES: in person, phone, video and on demand.  HireVue’s digital interview guides, feedback options and reporting tools improve consistency, control and transparency into critical interview interactions.


No scheduling. No blind questioning. No bad interviews. HireVue’s Digital Platform™ removes administrative hassle and puts you in control.  Recruiters, managers and candidates LOVE it.


HireVue is up to 10X faster, 9X cheaper and 100% better than non-digital interviewing.  You can reach more candidates, much faster and create a powerful digital talent pool. Save millions in time and travel costs alone. It’s time to be your CFO’s best friend!


Help an interviewer out! Digital interviews ensure consistent use of scientifically validated questions and probes.  It’s quick, simple and consistent.


Stay on top of your interviews. See what’s happening with all your candidates, managers and evaluators. Closed-loop analytics provide powerful insights into interview feedback, progress and decisions.


Bring candidates to life! Stop submitting lonely resumes and profiles and supplement them with digital interviews.  Simply screen and share captured digital interviews and evaluation feedback with hiring teams.  They’ll love you for it.


Designed for users… built for business. HireVue was made by HR experts.  Enterprise data, integration and compliance management tools safely support even the most complex global organization.  It’s why HireVue is the preferred choice of most Fortune 500 companies.