Why are we still having this argument?


For as long as I’ve been in the software business, (it’s kind of a long time…) there’s been a debate about all-in-one suites vs. best of breed solutions. As I was doing research for this blog it occurred to me that the debate has been around for a long time for a very simple reason: best of breed vendors keep popping up with really cool new stuff and that disrupts the market.

If all-in-one suites were the very best choice, we’d still be buying everything from IBM and “app store” would not be part of our vernacular. The fact is innovation often comes from vendors that don’t always focus on how their solution fits into a strategy for market domination.

Instead it comes from vendors that focus on very specific problems. It’s the focus on specific problems that makes a difference. Innovators are driven to provide a better or different solution, not lock the buyer into a brand.

At Lumesse, we pride ourselves on integrating our best-in-class recruitment, onboarding and talent management solutions with technology sourced from the most innovative companies around the globe. And we combine this with world-class implementation and service. Other providers might say this, but our approach to customer success drives our business. Lumesse customers know we listen, know we respond and know we go the extra mile.

With more than 2,300 customers in 70 countries, we have the proven experience to deliver results, so you aren’t waiting for a promise to be fulfilled. If you would like to experience what it means to be a Lumesse customer, we would love to show you.

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