Striking the Balance Between Innovation and Experience

6a015392b1efb3970b01a3fcf58410970b-250wiNew technology is changing the way companies recruit and manage talent. To create better results for your business, you need to take a good look at your recruiting process and how it takes advantage of the best innovation available. If factors you can’t control are causing delays, or you’re not getting the most from your current solutions, then you’re not getting the value you need.

Even though innovation is important, there are other things you need to ensure a successful recruiting strategy. Innovation always tends to come from new players in the market, start-ups that focus on one problem and find new ways to solve it. While these innovators provide new solutions, they might not have the expertise to complete your strategy.

This is when “experience” really matters. Not only the experience your technology provider has to truly solve your problem, but how YOU feel about them and what they deliver. Ask yourself:

  • Will this new product integrate with other technology I use now and intend to use later?
  • Is this product proven to deliver results?
  • Am I able to get the training and support my team and I need to do our jobs?
  • Can I reach the right person who can give me answers when I need them?
  • Do they care about my success and the ongoing value I receive?

To ensure you have the complete solution that best supports you, partner with a provider that offers an open platform, one that will address your array of technology and service needs. This is different from providers that offer solutions across the entire HR lifecycle with the promise of one single code base. While those sound great in theory, in reality they often overpromise and underdeliver, with an all-in-one technology platform that ends up limiting your options, and ultimately your success.

At Lumesse, we pride ourselves on integrating our best-in-class recruitment, onboarding and talent management solutions with technology sourced from the most innovative companies around the globe. And we combine this with world-class implementation and service. Other providers might say this, but our approach to customer success drives our business. Lumesse customers know we listen, know we respond and know we go the extra mile.

With more than 2,300 customers in 70 countries, we have the proven experience to deliver results, so you aren’t waiting for a promise to be fulfilled. If you would like to experience what it means to be a Lumesse customer, we would love to show you.

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