Creating the Business Case for RPO

Note – This document is a MUST download for all organisations with recruitment challenges.  Creating a Business Case for RPO While economic uncertainty can stifle progressive strategic initiatives, the current climate is an ideal time to approach your organization’s decision-makers about the benefits of partnering with an external recruitment provider. The business case for recruitment […]

5 things to do before choosing a RPO provider

RPO or Recruitment Process Outsourcing is an amazing solution to the exhausting and often, unyielding human resource management. Many companies struggle acquiring human resource before they outsource the recruitment process to RPO services provider. It is a brilliant solution but sometimes it doesn’t work as well as expected. There are many reasons for it, sometimes the execution is not planned […]

A Few Mistakes You Must Avoid When Opting For RPO

When it comes to recruitment process outsourcing, there are two schools of thought. One of them states that RPO services are a waste of money and serious mistake while the other states it is the best-outsourced service, offering great solutions for recruitment problems. When opting for RPO services, you need to make sure your project runs […]