Talent Acquisition for a New World

Talent acquisition for a new world 

Great people are the foundation of your business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a huge, global brand or a smaller local company – you need to hire the best.

Recruitment isn’t getting any easier  and it has changed radically with the arrival of social networks in business life. Hiring is now faster, more competitive, more social and no longer limited by geographic location. Talent acquisition follows new rules, processes and technology models.

Can you adapt to that world? Can you identify and select the right candidate from a mass of online applicants? Do you know where your potential candidates are, how they behave online and how to attract them with a great employer brand? Can you inspire them to join and make the process fast, easy, secure and enjoyable? And before you look externally, do you know what internal talent you should consider?

These are the questions we’ll help you answer, with an intuitive, user-friendly, highly configurable talent acquisition solution:

  • People focused: Our talent acquisition solutions are designed with end-users in mind – candidates, hiring managers, recruitment and HR. We help bring all these people together to support your daily recruitment challenges, improving your employer brand by creating an unbeatable candidate experience.
  • Be social: Use one of our social media channels to support your employer brand and search for candidates on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media channels. Let candidates apply with their LinkedIn profiles for a smooth and seamless candidate experience.
  • Manage your total workforce: Lumesse TalentLink is the only recruitment solution supporting companies with their total workforce recruitment challenges. Manage your permanent hires, graduates, contractors, temps and hourly workers – all in one solution.
  • Multi-channel marketing: Tailor your communications strategy for each recruitment channel, from social media, digital marketing and job boards to traditional print and press, while encouraging interest from less direct sources such as referrals and careers events.
  • A great candidate experience: Create a personalised experience that leaves a lasting, positive impression. Your new web 2.0 careers site can be designed to appeal to a mass audience or specialist candidate populations.
  • Better results: Monitor the results of all your talent sourcing activities, so that messages can be refined or resources switched to achieve greater impact and attract better quality candidates.
  • Source great candidates: Use your branded career sites, preferred-supplier recruitment agencies, job boards, social search agents, outsourcing companies, or 200+ social media sites connected to Lumesse TalentLink, to attract great people. Lumesse TalentLink ensures you have all candidates in one place and helps you create global talent pools.
  • First impressions count: Bring objectivity, speed and transparency to your recruitment processes, improving the candidate experience and reducing the chances of counter-offers.
  • Quality not quantity: HR and hiring managers can reduce the time they spend interviewing, by identifying and fast-tracking those candidates who meet or exceed pre-defined hiring criteria.
  • Work together: With all stakeholders working together through one platform, interview times can be easily booked and feedback forms are visible to all.
  • Boost your talent pipeline: Ensure that good candidates, who may not be right for a position today, are not discounted for a potential position tomorrow.
  • Focus efforts: Keep the administrative tasks associated with response handling, diversity monitoring, interview management and assessment to a minimum, freeing up time to focus on what matters – spending time with the best candidates.

Talent acquisition software will help streamline your recruitment process, shorten time-to-hire, lower your recruitment costs and help you find the very best candidate for the job.