Two Questions To Ask When Considering An RPO Change


The RPO market offers a range of service models. Companies that are ending their first RPO contracts are often surprised by the selection available to them. And some are realizing that they need a different RPO approach entirely.

For example, instead of focusing on driving costs down, a company may need a partner who can re-think the company’s recruiting process, and design a customized approach, in sync with long-term goals. Cost reduction is still important, but the overall focus is far more strategic. “These companies really need a model where the provider becomes part of their organization, and completely integrates with their processes,” says Hills. “If a provider lives and breathes your company, they can identify improvement opportunities you didn’t even notice.”

Another scenario that companies are exploring is co-sourcing: Keeping some recruiting in-house, and outsourcing the rest. A highly customized RPO partnership works best in this scenario because there is so much overlap between the provider and the client. “It’s so important to choose a forward-looking partner if you’re co-sourcing,” says Hills. “This way the arrangement can evolve and grow as your needs change.”


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Two Questions To Ask When Considering An RPO Change