Your Hiring Process Could be Costing You

Here are three steps to create a reliable and consistent hiring process:

1. In order to make sure that new hires don’t fail, it is crucial to first align senior-level leadership, human resources, and hiring managers in the company’s hiring process. First, develop an effective hiring strategy to help ensure that there is a consistent selection process to filling all positions. If everyone is on the same page, hiring mistakes will drastically decrease! Next, make sure that you clearly define each position’s job requirements. Instead of focusing on the tasks for that position, focus on what characteristics the candidate should possess in order to be successful in that position. An easy way to do this is to look at past and current employees who have excelled in that position and see what characteristics they possess. Once the job requirements are in place, then set up an employee screening system. The employee screening system will allow the hiring and selection process to become more consistent.

2. It is imperative to train and coach the interviewers. The process is more likely to go smoothly if interviewers understand it, buy into the reasoning behind it, and know what to do. Can you believe that most hiring decisions are made within the first 4 minutes of an interview? This is a huge mistake! This is where training becomes vital. Go one step further to give them guidance and help them probe deeper into a candidate’s suitability by creating customized interview questions beforehand. Be sure to train the interviewer on the proper techniques of an interview. Make sure they know what they can and cannot ask. Have them look at the applicant’s education and skills, but most importantly, have them assess the potential hire’s behavior. Knowing this type of information will allow the interview to make better judgments about the candidate’s chance for success.

3. If your company doesn’t already have one, develop a new hire orientation. Orientation is an important aspect of the hiring process. Give them a full tour of your facility, introduce them to the staff, and explain how the company operates. Once, when I was on an interview, they showed me around before I was even offered the job. It allowed me to see first-hand if I would like the atmosphere and be a good fit. Next, when they are hired, continue the orientation on the first day. This is the time where you can cover basic HR aspects such as policies and procedures. Be sure to cover the company goals and the company culture. Explain to the new hire how their role is critical and necessary in order for the company to achieve success. This will help the new candidate feel important, and will most likely give them a sense of need and purpose. Remember to leave time for them to ask any questions they may have.  A great orientation will increase retention with your new hires!

Don’t let your company become another statistic! Selection and on-boarding is an important part of every company. When you select the right person for the right job it cuts back on training costs, high turnover, and loss of production. Create a new hiring process today!


Your Hiring Process Could be Costing You.